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Collins Glass

Elevate your cocktail presentation with our Collins glasses. Ideal for long, fizzy drinks like the Tom Collins, these glasses add a touch of elegance to your mixology creations. Explore our range for the perfect fit.

Collins Glass

Collins glass is a vessel of refinement, designed to elevate your drinking experience through aesthetics and flavor. Its elongated silhouette and generous capacity make it an ideal companion for cocktails that demand both style and substance.

What is a Collins Glass?

A Collins Glass, known for its elongated and slender design, is a quintessential piece of glassware that exudes sophistication and charm. With a typical capacity ranging from 300 to 415 ml (10 to 14 ounces), this glass allows ample room for creative cocktail concoctions while maintaining an elegant presentation.

Why is it Called a Collins Glass?

The term "Collins glass" refers to a specific type of glassware commonly used for serving certain cocktails and mixed drinks. The glass is named after the type of cocktail it was traditionally used to serve, which is the "Tom Collins."

What Sets the Collins Glass Apart from the Highball Glass?

While both the Collins Glass and the Highball Glass share a tall and slender profile, they have subtle differences that impact the drinking experience. The Collins Glass typically holds a larger volume compared to the Highball Glass, with a narrower diameter that enhances the concentration of aromas. This makes it an excellent choice for cocktails with a higher proportion of mixers, preserving their distinct flavors and effervescence. In contrast, the Highball Glass offers a broader versatility, accommodating a wider range of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

What Cocktails are Collins Glasses Used For?

The Collins Glass is tailor-made for cocktails that possess a harmonious blend of spirits, mixers, and aromatic garnishes. Some cocktails that flourish in this glass include the classic Tom Collins, which marries gin with lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda, creating a refreshing and effervescent delight. Another favorite is the refreshing mojito, where muddled mint, lime, and rum harmonize with soda water to create a revitalizing libation. The tall stature of the Collins Glass accommodates these drinks' layered flavors while allowing for the effervescence of carbonated mixers to shine.

How to Craft the Perfect Collins Glass Experience?

Here are some Mixoloco tips to ensure you craft an exceptional drink using the Collins Glass:

  • Layer Flavors Thoughtfully: Capitalize on the glass's tall structure to layer flavors meticulously. Start with ice, followed by your spirits and mixers, allowing the ingredients to intermingle naturally.

  • Garnish for Visual Appeal: Elevate your presentation by garnishing with visually striking elements. Whether it's a citrus wheel, a fragrant herb sprig, or even a skewer of berries, garnishes add a touch of allure to your drink.

  • Optimize Ice Use: Like all cocktails, maintaining ideal temperature without excessive dilution is crucial. Utilize larger ice cubes that melt slowly, preserving your drink's balance until the very last sip.

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