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Base Spirits

Dive into the heart of mixology with our comprehensive collection of base spirits. From the clean versatility of vodka to the botanical complexity of gin, the rich allure of whisky, bourbon, and rye, and the diverse notes of rum, brandy, agave spirits, and more, explore a captivating array of base spirits that form the foundation of exceptional cocktails.


Vodka's rich history dates back to the early Middle Ages in Eastern Europe, with countries like Russia and Poland claiming its origin. Distilled from grains or potatoes, this colorless and flavor-neutral spirit has since become a popular staple in global drinking culture.

Unlock the world of vodka - its origins, distillation process, and diverse variations. Explore the history and nuances of this versatile base spirit that forms the foundation of countless iconic cocktails.


Gin's roots can be traced back to 17th-century Holland, where it was initially created as a medicinal tonic using juniper berries. Over time, it evolved into the beloved spirit we know today, gaining popularity in the United Kingdom during the reign of William of Orange.

Delve into the realm of gin - from its botanical infusion to its role in mixology. Discover the secrets behind this aromatic spirit and its significance in crafting classic and contemporary cocktails.

Whisky Bourbon and Rye

Whisky, Bourbon, and Rye are all categorized under the broader umbrella of whiskey, which is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Each variety, however, has distinct production methods, ingredient requirements, and regional ties that contribute to their unique flavors and characteristics.

Journey into the complex universe of whisky, bourbon, and rye. Explore the art of distillation, aging, and flavor profiles that distinguish these cherished base spirits, influencing the creation of timeless cocktails.


Rum has its roots in the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean, where it was first distilled during the 17th century. Made from molasses or sugarcane juice, rum's tropical heritage contributes to its association with beach vacations and sunny climates.

Uncover the heritage of rum - its sugarcane origins, aging processes, and global variations. Dive into the world of this versatile spirit, which lends its character to an array of tropical and traditional cocktails.

Brandy and Cognac

Brandy, a beloved spirit with a rich history, is created through the distillation of wine or fermented fruit juice. With roots dating back centuries, brandy has evolved into a diverse category of spirits, celebrated for its elegance and complexity.

Experience the elegance of brandy and cognac. Learn about their grape-based beginnings, distillation techniques, and the refined flavors that define these base spirits, contributing to the sophistication of classic cocktails.

Agave Spirits

Agave spirits are a distinctive category of distilled alcoholic beverages derived from the agave plant. This versatile and succulent plant is primarily found in Mexico, where various agave species are used to create a range of agave-based spirits, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Immerse yourself in the agave spirits realm. Gain insights into the production of Mezcal and Tequila, understanding the distinctive smokiness and earthiness that add depth to cocktails inspired by these unique spirits.

Absinth Baijiu and more

Absinthe, often referred to as "The Green Fairy," is a highly alcoholic spirit renowned for its distinct green color and association with art and bohemian culture. The spirit's unique character comes from the use of grand wormwood, anise, and fennel, which create an intriguing and complex flavor profile.

Dive into the world of diverse base spirits, from the anise-forward allure of absinthe to the complex flavors of baijiu and beyond. Explore the global tapestry of spirits that intrigue mixologists and inspire innovative cocktails.

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